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Let yourself enjoy this spicy cocktail made with mezcal, fruits, Tabasco® sauce and hibiscus – corn tortilla salt

Mezcal Union Joven® 1.6 oz, Campari® 1 oz, pineapple juice 1 oz, lime juice 1 oz, natural syrup 1 oz, Tabasco® sauce


Inspired by the coloradas of Yucatán and flamingos, this fun cocktail offers fresh, citrus and spicy flavors

Tanqueray London Dry Gin® 1.6 oz, Aperol® 1 oz, spice infusion (cinnamon, anise, cloves, lemongrass) 2 oz, lime juice 0.50 oz, natural syrup 0.50 oz


This cocktail is fresh, herbal, botanical and very aromatic. It is like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert

Tanqueray London Dry Gin® 1.6 oz, tarragon cordial 2 oz, aloe juice 1 oz, celery bitter 0.08 oz, cardamom bitter 0.08 oz


Tequila-based, citrusy and fresh with saline, spicy notes and a beautiful turquoise blue color

White Tequila® 1.6 oz, Galliano® 0.50 oz, lemon sherbet 0.50 oz, orange juice 0.50 oz, blue curacao 0.16 oz


Tropical, fresh, sweet flavors with aged rum base, result in a delicious and fun aperitif cocktail

Bacardi 8® 1.6 oz, pineapple and orange 100 ml, angostura bitter 5ml, coffee salt


One of our favorites, based on Vodka and Fernet Branca®. It gives us spicy, fresh and herbal flavors that you really must try

Vodka Smirnoff®1.6 oz, Fernet Branca® 0.50 oz, lime juice 1 oz, cinnamon mint syrup 1 oz