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What makes our meat so special?

CAO de Tierra y de Mar is a culinary experience that seeks to enhance the flavors through the best ingredients, worshiping the traditional cuisine of northern Mexico. For us, the culinary experience begins in the field and ends at the table, taking care and respecting the raw material at all times.
For this reason, we use the highest quality cuts, such as Sterling Silver® Premium brand from Cargill Meat Solutions, whose cuts come from European breeds, fed and fattened on grain, which provides a high degree of marbling and a tenderness and juiciness exclusive to this meat, which is why they are used only in the best restaurants.
Our renowned Black Onyx® cuts are distinguished by their category and distinction, since the crossbreeding must be of pure lineage, guaranteeing that both parents are Black Angus. To achieve its great taste, texture and nutritional contribution, it is necessary that the cattle consume a vegetarian diet with top quality products and drink pure spring water.
Superior Marbling

Marbling refers to the small white streaks of fat found between the muscle fibers of the meat. When meat is cooked to the proper temperature, this fat melts and combines with the meat, resulting in an ideal cut with the perfect texture. This is why the best steakhouses look for cuts of this quality, as offered by CAO de Tierra y de Mar.

Grain-fed cattle

It is well known that cattle feeding is a vital point in determining the quality of their meat. Although grass-fed cattle have a reputation for quality in the industry, grain-fed cattle are more likely to produce a uniform and abundant mamole.

That’s why Sterling Silver selects cattle that are grain-fed and produce only moderate to moderately abundant marbling, so only the best steakhouses can market it.

High quality guaranteed

Sterling Silver only uses the best 2/3 of all Choice graded meat using these parameters. Choice graded meat is high quality, tender, juicy and flavorful. So you can be sure you’ll get premium quality in every bite.

Minimum maturity of 25 days

Maturation is the time given to meat to develop a more flavorful profile. It is the process by which meat is stored at specific temperatures, which allows microbes and enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle tissue, making it more tender.

All Sterling Silver cuts are matured for a minimum of 21 days to ensure that the meat has had time to develop into a uniform and delicious product.

USDA certified tenderness

Sterling Silver’s premium meats can proudly claim USDA certification.

lf While the meat is an important part of the evaluation of its quality, tenderness is a factor that will always be taken into account by those who taste meat cuts.

Sourced from five production plants

By sourcing all of its meat from only three production plants in the U.S. and two in Canada, Sterling Silver is able to have strict process control and ensure that quality and uniformity are maintained.

That is why at CAO de Tierra y de Mar we can guarantee our cuts, and you can be confident that the meat you will taste will be unsurpassed.

Environmental commitment

In addition to its unsurpassed quality and taste, Sterling Silver premium meat is committed to protecting and preserving natural resources.

Cargill Meat is committed to achieving ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems at all of its plants and since 2001 has improved water and energy efficiency and reduced solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


A gastronomic experience

Because you deserve the best, at CAO de Tierra y de Mar we offer exquisite and delicate seafood, as well as premium cuts of meat such as Sterling Silver® and Black Onyx® as well as unique seafood creations and authentic recipes created to deliver an incredible dining experience to our guests.

Visit CAO de Tierra y de Mar and discover why our kitchen will provide an unbeatable experience. Delight yourself with our dishes and discover the new flavors that only the best restaurant in Puerto Cancun can provide.